Song Of The Day – 30/10/2013

Missed yesterday’s post – Apologies, BT Openzone prepaid time ran out, and have only just sorted it now.

Today’s track is a dance floor demolishing, speaker smashing production from one of bass music’s legends – Experts by SKisM. The track is, in essence, a rallying cry against the self declared internet “Experts” who seem to know everything there is to know about ALL FORMS OF DANCE MUSIC EVER (Yet mysteriously do not produce or DJ themselves) and delight in correcting any mistake in any comment section swiftly and harshly.

What I really like about this one is the Drumstep/Dubstep tempo change in the midsection, going from a pounding, 175 BPM banger to a massive, tear-out dubstep track. Few try this, and even fewer succeed.

I believe SKisM has done a sterling job here.


-Dire Projections


Song Of The Day – 28/10/2013

This is going to be a daily post, sharing a song I have found or just really like every day.

Today’s song is a new offering from liquid DnB producer Etherwood, “Begin By Letting Go”, from his upcoming self titled debut album. It has a really chilled, laid back vibe running throughout with hints of melancholy in the melody, and even the beat sounds almost mournful.

What’s interesting about Etherwood is that he sings on his own tracks. It’s very refreshing to see an excellent producer who is also an excellent singer.


– Dire Projections